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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Buses continually run along the road that passes up and down the 40km-long (25 miles) Amalfi Coast. For this reason, you can travel anywhere without issue! Amalfi, the most important and renowned of the amalfitana towns, sits halfway along the coast. The most beautiful city is that of Positano.

Main questions

When is it best to visit the Amalfi Coast?

The tourist season begins in early April, or at Easter and lasts until the end of October. The spring or early autumn months are the best in which to visit due to fewer tourists being present. You can learn more about this on our ‘When to Visit’ information page.

Which town to stay in?

This depends entirely on what type of holiday you are looking for. If you like a good nightlife, then Positano and Amalfi are best. If you prefer a seaside holiday or have a limited budget, then perhaps it is better to stay in Minori or Maiori. However, the best thing to do is stay in different towns to see the entire coastal region. You can learn more about this on our ‘Where to Stay’ information page.

How long should I stay?

In the nearby surroundings of the Amalfi Coast, there are many other historic places to see. It would take you no less than two weeks to see everything. For guidance, visit our ‘What Else to See’, ‘Spending your holiday on the Amalfi Coast’ and ‘See the Amalfi Coast in a week’ pages.

How much money should I take?

Almost all shops, places of interest and public services accept card payments, but it is always better to carry a bit of cash. Cash machines are everywhere, if you needed to withdraw some more money. Breakfast is nearly always included in the price of a hotel, although if you did need to buy it, it would cost around 5 euros per person. A bottle of water costs 1.00-1.50 euros. Lunch or dinner at a restaurant costs around 20-35 euros per person; it is cheaper to have a pizza and a beer (around 15 euros). On average, you will spend approximately 50-80 euros per day, without taking the price of hotels into account. This does not take into account the prices on the Island of Capri where everything costs more, or the price of excursions that can be rather costly.

Where to find Tourist Information Centres?

There are three official TICs, all indicated on the map.


Address: Corso Roma, 19 - Amalfi (SA).
Tel.: (+39) 089871107. FAX: 089872619.


Address: via del Saracino, 4 - Positano (SA).
Tel.: (+39) 089875067. FAX: 089875760.


Address: Piazza Duomo, 10 - Ravello (SA).
Tel.: (+39) 089857096. FAX: 089857977.

Hospitality and how to choose the hotel

What should I take into account when choosing a hotel on the Amalfi Coast?

Other than the cost, it is equally important to consider a hotel’s location: the distance from the sea, the town centre or the nearest bus stop. If you travel by car, you will need to search for a hotel that offers discounted parking, otherwise paying for independent parking will cost you just as much as your hotel. You can learn more about this on our ‘Getting the right hotel when on a low budget’ page.

When to book the hotel?

If you are looking to book for during the summer months, on a weekend or at Easter, it is better to book at least six months in advance or as soon as possible. By booking through this website, almost all hotels offer the possibility to cancel your reservation without paying a cancellation fee.

Is it easy to find a hotel that is open in winter?

The majority of hotels close during winter, but you will certainly find some that remain open. You can be sure to find something by using the hotel search.

Wi-Fi and mobile signal

The majority of hotels offer these services. What’s more, almost all bars and restaurants offer free Wi-Fi; usually the password can be found at the table (on the back of a napkin holder, for example).

Lunch breaks for shops

Almost all shops in Italy close for a lunch break between 1:00pm and 3:30pm.

Travelling with children

Which is the best beach for a holiday with children?

The best beaches for children are those at Maiori and Minori. You could also consider the main beach at Positano.

Is it worth bringing a pushchair?

No, many of the streets are narrow and there are a lot of stairs making the use of a pushchair difficult.

Is it dangerous to let children play in the street?

Town centres in popular tourist destinations are rather safe and almost all are pedestriansed with limited or no access for traffic. Given that there aren’t any play parks for children, they can play in the piazzas or on the beach.


Getting to the Amalfi Coast by plane

The closest airport is that of Naples, but the majority of international flights land in Rome. From there it is just as easy to reach Amalfi.

What is the easiest way to get to Amalfi?

For details on how to get there, all is noted on the ‘Getting there’ page. By flying to Naples, it will cost you 10 euros (and take your around 80 minutes) to get to Sorrento. If you land in Rome, you will need to firstly get to the central train station (Roma Termini), then go to Salerno or Sorrento (changing at Naples). This will take you around 3 hours.

Is it worthwhile hiring a car?

In the summer months, or on sunny weekends, it is better to not get behind the wheel. Take the bus instead. At other times, hiring a car is an easy way to get around, but be prepared to pay 4-5 euros per hour for a car park (maximum of 20-40 euros per day).

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