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Things to see in Amalfi

The second most-popular village of the Amalfi Coast (after Positano) is the namesake of the region, Amalfi. With a choice of bus lines, everyone wishing to travel around the area will find out that it is very easy to get from A to B. Departing from the central bus station in Amalfi, two of the services cover length of the coast (one heading east of Amalfi, one heading west) and the other three make their way into the rolling landscape, heading towards villages on the higher ground such as Pontone, Ravello and Agerola (from where the famous Footpath of the Gods starts).

On the outskirts of the town, you will find Atrani, a beautiful village that is accessible only by the tunnel indicated on the map.

The five main sites of interest in Amalfi are indicated below.


Construction of the cathedral began in the 9th Century and it remains, to this day, the symbol of Amalfi with its impressive, sweeping staircase of 62 steps leads to the entrance. Featuring a predominantly two-tone masonry, the building could even be described as a ‘hybrid’ of styles, a beautiful melange of both Arab and Norman architecture. We would recommend, however, that you start in the cloister to the left of the cathedral. The Chiostro del Paradiso is a perfect way to begin your tour of this historic place, with a chance to admire the tombs of Amalfi’s prominent citizens. The cloister leads directly into the cathedral. As of 2024, entry to the cloister costs 3 euros.


Paper Museum (Museo della Carta)

Noted for its uniqueness, Amalfi boasts a rich history in the conceptualisation and production of handmade paper during the 12th Century. The entire museum focuses the old materials from which the paper was made and you can still see the (working) paper presses from the era that are lovingly preserved. A guided-tour of the museum is available for 6 euros and takes around 20 minutes.


Between the two coastal towns of Amalfi and Atrani lies a rocky spur that divides them. It was on this, that a watchtower was erected during the 15th Century. In the past, the Torre dello Ziro made up a part of the stronghold that acted as an observation point due to its perfect location. Now, the tower offers visitors a unique viewpoint from which you can look over the Gulf of Salerno. For details on how to get there, pay a visit to our ‘Footpaths and Trekking’ page.


The Vallone delle Ferriere is a heritage site in the Amalfi backcountry, and is fascinating due to its vegetation. Strolling through the area you will discover oaks with fantastic, cascading waterfalls and breath-taking tropical flora. The footpath that leads to Pontone also passes through the Vallone delle Ferriere. You can learn more about this on our ‘Footpaths and Trekking’ information page.


Excursions to the Emerald Cave

Between Positano and Amalfi lies the Grotta dello smeraldo which name is denotative of the eerie green colour of its water. Discovered in 1932, the cave measures 45 x 30 metres and is particularly known for its stalactite and stalagmite formations. As of 2024, entry costs €5. Although a bus is available, that goes to Positano, but it is perhaps better (and certainly more exciting for some) to take a boat ride. From May until November the boat runs hourly and costs €10 for a return ticket.

A map detailing the main places in Amalfi

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It is worth noting that, the prices are higher in Amalfi, as it lies in the heart of the region and is a halfway between both ends of the Amalfi Coast. This makes it the ideal starting place for excursions to any of the other towns and villages you might want to visit on your holiday.

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