Last update: May, 2024.

The Amalfi Coast

Public buses travel up and down the 25-mile long coastal road that links each of the stunning amalfitana villages and towns. The region's namesake town, Amalfi, lies in the heart of the area. No matter which of the bus lines you take, you will ultimately arrive there. End-to-end, travelling along the coast normally takes around 80 minutes in a car, although this can take a little more time during the summer as the road is narrow and badly parked cars can often create queues.

The Amalfi coast is home to an array of beaches. For more information, visit the ‘Beaches of the Amalfi Coast’ page.

Major towns and villages on the Amalfi Coast

The coastal region’s main town is its namesake, 1Amalfi, which is situated in the heart of the area. It is, however, commonly agreed by tourists and visitors that the most beautiful town is 2Positano. But there are also: 3Atrani, 4Minori, Maiori, 5Ravello, 6Praiano, 7Vietri sul Mare and many other small towns. Click on the name of each one to discover more of the Amalfi Coast's hidden gems.

Nearest towns worth visiting

When holidaying on the Amalfi Coast, you absolutely have to visit the world-famous locations on offer. Trust us, it'll be worth it! Think about it logically, when will you next have the chance to go walking on an active volcano? Mt. Vesuvius is a stone’s throw away! What's more, you can also enjoy the nearby ruins of the ancient city of Pompeii. Thanks to archaeologists, you can stroll the streets of the Roman town that was decimated in an eruption nearly 2000 years ago and see a prime example of what life was like in the Roman era. It would also be worth visiting the Island of Capri. Visit the information pages to learn more.

To visit all the aforementioned places, you would be best served by staying in beautiful Sorrento. It is the nearest city to the attractions and ferries to all other locations on the Amalfi coast are readily available. Other places of interest are equally accessible by bus or by train.

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