Last update: April, 2024.

When to visit the Amalfi Coast

Officially, the tourist season begins at Easter and finishes towards the end of October. However, if you want to enjoy the beautiful vistas without the throngs of tourists, then the ideal time to visit is in winter. Snow is a rarity in the south of Italy as the temperatures rarely drop below zero.

Spring in Amalfi

The tourist season begins in early April, or at Easter - whichever comes first.

Easter in 2024: March 31.

Easter in 2025: April 20.

It is the ideal period in which to appreciate the beauty of the Amalfi Coast by wandering all of the main footpaths. The weather is really pleasant, too. It isn’t too hot at this time of year. May is considered to be the best month in which to visit the area, with the weather being good enough to start taking a dip in the sea. Hotel prices are also a lot better too!

Summer in Amalfi

It is during the summer months that the tourist season reaches its peak, for this reason there are always a large number of festivities and other events. Given that the coast is so long, you will always be able to find a quiet spot somewhere with few tourists. You could even explore the lesser-known footpaths - they’re not bad! In June, there are fewer tourists.

September - October

In September, the tourist season begins to die down. The weather starts to seem more like spring and although it isn’t quite as hot, you can still take a swim in the sea. September is often considered the best month for visiting for these reasons. October is more potluck in terms of weather, you can’t really tell what it will be like.

November - February

The grand majority of hotels and restaurants close during the winter months, however it doesn’t mean that it is impossible to find a bite to eat. There are a lot fewer tourists frequenting these parts and from 8 December until 3 January, the Amalfi Coast is festively decorated for Christmas.

Temperatures vary depending on the time of year

Year on year, the climate changes - sometimes it can be hot in March, others it will be cold in May. Take a look at the temperature information in the tables. Here you can see what the average water temperatures are in amalfi as well as historical recordings over the last 10 years.

Month Temperatures (High/Low) Water Temp. Precipitation (mm)
January 3-12°C 14.5°C 100
February 3-13°C 14°C 95
March 7-16°C 14.2°C 86
April 9-20°C 15.6°C 75
May 14-26°C 19.5°C 50
June 17-30°C 23.7°C 33
July 20-33°C 25.9°C 25
August 21-33°C 26.1°C 29
September 17-29°C 25°C 78
October 14-24°C 21.5°C 121
November 10-18°C 19.2°C 158
December 5-14°C 16.5°C 120

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