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How to spend your holidays in Amalfi

Much depends on you and your individual interests. To see the entire Amalfi Coast, including the nearby towns and villages, you will need around two weeks. Although you could visit the region’s main sites in a week, for a region of such outstanding beauty you would certainly be missing out.

Main places of interest on the Amalfi Coast

It is better to visit the most interesting places first, then (time allowing) check out the other things on offer in the region. Visiting Amalfi, Atrani and the most interesting trails takes only one day. The most famous hike, the Footpath of the Gods, will require a whole day in itself. On the same day, however, you can also take in the most beautiful town in the region, Positano. If you really enjoy relaxing by the seaside, it might even be worth dedicating two whole days to relaxing on the sea front. Following this, we would recommend spending a day or two in Sorrento, renting a hotel room to save on time spent travelling. Why? Well, firstly the rooms there are much more cheaper and secondly it makes a great base from which to visit the Island of Capri (1 day) by ferry as well as visit Pompeii by train and then enjoy a hike on Mt. Vesuvius (1 day).

Our recommendation: stay in Sorrento. On the first sunny day take a ferry over to the Island of Capri, as it is unadvisable to visit when it is raining. On a rainy day, visit Pompeii instead. If time allows, the best idea would be to head over to Capri on a weekday in order to avoid the crowds of Italian tourists.

What else is there to see?

Other than the main points of interest that will take about a week to see, there are many other towns and villages to explore, footpaths to wander and beaches to lounge on etc. For more information, click on the links around this website.

How much money should I take?

These days almost everywhere cards are accepted, but it is always handy to have some cash (in euros) with you. There are plenty of cash machines should you need to withdraw some more. Eating at a restaurant can be a costly affair, even at those with mid-range prices. It is undoubtedly cheaper to have a takeaway pizza and a beer. Bear in mind that an approximate figure of 50-80 euros per head at a hotel restaurant is not inclusive of your accommodation. It is even more expensive on Capri where you can expect to pay double the usual prices due to its captive audience.

Visiting the Amalfi Coast over two weeks

We recommend that you take a couple of days to stop over in Sorrento. The hotel prices there are lower and it makes an ideal starting point from which to visit the Island of Capri, Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius.

Whilst it only takes half an hour to get to Positano from Sorrento, is it not better to choose a hotel that is more ideally located for exploring and closer to the sea? Use this filter to find a hotel that suits your needs! Over the course of the remaining days, you can visit each of the towns and villages on the coastline, one by one. You can find everything you need on our website!

Haven’t got two weeks? Visit our ‘See the Amalfi Coast in a week’ page.

Where to stay

Santa Caterina, Amalfi, Italy

Santa Caterina

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Hotel Panorama, Maiori, Italy

Hotel Panorama

Town: Maiori.
Price: low.
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Hotel Villa Fraulo, Ravello, Italy

Hotel Villa Fraulo

Town: Ravello.
Price: affordable.
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