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Things to see in Atrani

Not far from Amalfi is a very small village of Atrani, a quiet and popular tourist destination that lies on the other side of the mountain. A tunnel ensures that visitors can access it comfortably. This is not a place of numerous attractions, but more aimed at those who like quiet reflection and enjoy admiring the architecture and taking in the sun. Drivers will pass roofs as they follow the main road, whereas for those wishing to explore on foot, attractive and enticing alleys will lead you to a pair of churches hidden within the village.

For those who make the trek up to the Torre dello Ziro, an unparalleled panoramic view of the area awaits you. More information can be found by clicking on our ‘Footpaths and Trekking’ page). The main sites of interest in Atrani are indicated below.


Originally constructed in the 13th Century, the Church of St Magdalene has been rebuilt on multiple occasions. Now, it is the showpiece of the Amalfi Coast. The façade is of a Baroque style and the dome has been re-covered in tiles made from majolica, a tin-glazed pottery that dates back to the Renaissance era. Even if you’re not enamoured of churches, it is certainly worth a look.

Outside the Church of Mary Magdalene, the square overlooks the roofs or nearby buildings in Atrani and from here, you will have a truly marvellous view. Every 22 July, in her honour, people from all over the world gather to witness the grand fireworks display that is organised.


Church of San Salvatore de’ Birecto

This church, which dates back to 940 A.D., can be found near to the central piazza named Umberto I, King of Italy. The Church believes it could be where, with great pomp and circumstance, the Duke of Amalfi was crowned in the traditional cap signifying power during the time of the Amalfi Republic. The Church of San Salvatore de’ Birecto and the stairs that lead to it are fashioned in a Baroque style and under the dome you will find ancient artifacts.

A map detailing the main places in Atrani

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