Last update: July, 2024.

Visiting the Amalfi Coast in a week

Unfortunately, a single week is not enough time to see all of the interesting places on the Amalfi Coast. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go!

What to do on the Amalfi Coast

The main attractions of the Amalfi Coast are the towns and villages, as well as the footpaths and indescribable landscapes. Besides, there are also beautiful beaches, good Italian food and the neighbouring towns are among the most famous in the world!

How to visit the Amalfi Coast in a week

All of the most interesting places to visit are named and described in detail on our website. Here is an example itinerary of a week in Amalfi and nearby towns; it’s up to you how you spend your holiday.

Day 0: arrive in Sorrento; sleep there for 3 nights. On the day of arrival, explore the town.

Day 1-2: use the day that has the better weather to visit the Island of Capri. On the other day, visit the crater of Mt. Vesuvius in the morning and after lunch wander the ruins of Pompeii. If the weather is good on both days, it is best to visit the Island of Capri on a weekday when there are fewer tourists. You can learn more about this on the ‘Day excursions in other towns’ page.

Day 3: change hotel, move closer to the centre of the Amalfi Coast: to Positano or Amalfi, for example. Spend a whole day in Positano; relax on the beach.

Day 4: visit Amalfi and Atrani, visit the Torre dello Ziro and explore the stunning Valle dei Ferrieri.

Day 5: move to a less-expensive hotel in Minori or Maiori, relax on the beach or explore the interesting places in the two towns.

Day 6: take a bus to Agerola (change in Amalfi). From here, walk the famous Footpath of the Gods to Positano. Take the bus towards Amalfi, but hop off at Praiano and Conca dei Marini.

This is only an outline of what you could do, but it is always best to have an extra day in case of bad weather or to relax on the beach. If you have more time available for your holiday, visit our ‘Spending your holiday at Amalfi’ page and use our website for information on what to do.

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